We believe in stories at Sunnylane. We believe in them so much that we think that stories can change lives. We often see when we read in scripture how the story of God changes the lives of those who hear it. But what we miss so often is how the story of God continues to change lives TODAY! When your story and Gods story collides, amazing things happen in life. At Sunnylane we want to be a people who's stories constantly collide with Gods. 

We also believe that those stories matter and can influence the hearts of others. Because of this we want to share your story with believers and non alike. Maybe the story you want to share is about your salvation. Maybe it's about giving, or maybe it's about struggles and triumphs in your life. Whatever it is IT CAN HELP OTHERS! 

If you would be available to share your story with us in a video interview we would love to capture it. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you soon. Thanks.

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