1) You must be an adult Youth Culture sponsor or a Youth Culture student (grades 6-12) in order to participate.

2) You must sign up to play. You can sign up at the Youth Culture information bar located in the     Youth Ministry room.

3) You can only score points by getting a family member from an opposing family wet. Once you get them wet text Kyle Upton at 405-618-8349 with your family name and the person you got wet and I will award your family points. You can also get points and earn money towards YC activities by fulfilling a contracted hit. Once you fulfill the hit text Kyle Upton at 405-618-8349. To see the current hit list go to,

4) Each “water kill” is worth 10 points for your family.

***A “water kill” is when you get another player wet***

5) Water fights can NOT take place

    -Inside a building or from a building

    -Inside a car or from a car

    -during a church service

    -at a camp

    -anytime a YC sponsor calls truce (must be a good reason or their team loses points)

    -1 hour before a church service

6) You can ONLY use water!

7) You cannot get the same person wet within 30 minutes. BUT when you get someone wet they can retaliate on you immediately.

8) If you can get your water kill on video and then post to social with the #ycwatermafia your team will receive 25 extra bonus points.