The Story

I was born and raised a Southern Baptist Oklahoma girl. I made a decision for Christ as a young girl but realized at the age of 32 that it was an empty confession with no real evidence of change in my life. I completely surrendered and gave my life to Christ at this time and have hungered and desired to point others to having a "real authentic" relationship with our Father ever since. 

The Calling

I have always enjoyed serving alongside my husband in local ministries within our church and being involved within our community pointing others to Christ.  After observing the great cultural gap of the importance of God and the inerrancy of scripture, I felt a burden within my heart to do all possible to reveal to them the one true God and the value and truth of His word.  It is my heart’s desire to walk alongside parents and guardians to equip and exemplify the vast love of Christ and to help lay the foundation of our glorious Savior through the teaching of God's Word through the ministries of Sonshine Kids.

The Now

As of June 2018, I accepted the call of Children's Director at Sunnylane SBC where my husband is currently serving as Senior Pastor.  We have been serving our Lord together for over 21 glorious years.  We have been married for 28 years and have beautiful twins named Jake and Taylor. 

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about one our children's ministries. You can reach me at Teresa@thelane.tv