Connect Groups of all ages meet at 9:15 every Sunday

This is a great way to meet other people and build relationships by coming to a Connect Group Bible Study. No matter what your age or place in life we have a Connect Group that's just right for you. Feel free to visit a couple of Connect Groups before choosing one that works for you.

How to find a connect group

When you come in the Building there will be Greeters and Maps in various locations to help you find a Group for you and answer any questions they can. Below is a list of connect groups that you can scroll through to find one that you would like to visit. If you would like to speak to someone about Connect Groups then call our office at 405-677-0591. Church Map with Room Locations will be at the Bottom of this Page.



Ones & Twos

Threes & Fours

Kindergarten & First

Second & Third

Fourth & Fifth


College & Career/18-24

Adult 1/22-36

Adult 2/37-47

Adult 2 Women/22-47

Adult 3/48-58

Adult 3/48-58

Adult 3/48-up

Adult 4/55-59

Adult 4 Women/55-69

Adult 5/70-Up

Adult 5/70-Up

Adult 5 Women/70-Up

Adult Mix/All Ages


Teri J. & Tori R.

Sissy L.

Vickie D. & Debra N.

Joyce H. & Dee P.

Russ & Kathy A.

Chris & Jessica H.

Youth Team

Sebastian & Kara C.

Ryan R.

Gary S. & Eric H.

Teresa G.

James G.

Tim C.

Donna G.

Ed I.

Gloria G.

Mac Mc.

Bernie G.

Eldora M.

Steve H.


Room 154

Room 137

Room 152

Room 139

Room 142

Room 207

Room 143 & 147

East Foyer SE 1

Room 150

Room 178C

Room 124

Room 175

Room 178A

Room 131

Room 184

Room 183

Room 108

Room 132

Room 182

Room 178B

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