The Radical Challenge is a fun, viral, and community building challenge to the Del City community. Jesus calls us to be Radical in our pursuit and relationship with Him and this challenge is just a fun way to be Radical in a very silly way. We hope that you get involved and have fun and know that Jesus wants us to enjoy life in goofy ways but also be Radical in how we live for Him everyday of our lives. #radicalroots


Radical Challenge

1) Select a victim.

2) Grab a Radical sticker. (Stickers are available at the concierge kiosk on the southeast side of our campus.) 

3) Tag someone Radical. (Have fun and be creative.)

4) Film your tagging & post your video on social media with the #radicalroots



1) Be respectful. (If you think it's gonna upset someone cause they are a ruddy duddy then pick a new person.)

2) Don't harm property. (Put stickers somewhere they can come off easily.)

3) Get creative & have FUN! (Pastor Jones may want more than a sticker??? He may want pink flamingos in his yard as well?)