We are happy in your interest in being apart of the Sunnylane SBC Church Family

You can become a member of this Church by one of these three ways.

1. By Salvation & Baptism

If you have come to a place that you placed your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and have surrendered your life to Him.  You know your are a sinner and JESUS died for you for your sins and rose on the Third day victorious over death and would like to follow this same Christ living in grace according to His Word. If you would make your decision public and follow Christ in Believers Baptism which is a picture of His Death, Burial and Resurrection you may join in this manner.

2. By Letter

If you are secure in your salvation and the lordship of Jesus Christ and have been baptized by immersion in another Southern Baptist Church and wish to join our church and worship, cooperate and follow as a member of this Church Body you may join in this manner.

By Statement

If your testimony is firm in Christ as your Savior and Lord and have been biblically immersed by a church that agrees with our doctrine concerning baptism, eternal security and other theological positions of Sunnylane the church may receive you as a member by your statement of faith in Christ.

We would love to have you as a part of this Church fellowship so if you have any questions please call 405-677-0591 and schedule a time to talk or during the invitation time at the end of the service please come forward and talk with one of the ministers. To us at Sunnylane nothing is more important than for you to be sure of your salvation and that you become an active member of this church family and grow in your faith in Christ serving Him faithfully.